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When it comes to the world of hooking up, there is a lot of misconceptions. Here at W4M Maps we believe there are certain ways to get it done right, and we’re going to share our 10 secrets to getting casual encounters right.

First rule: Be kind and respectful

Even if you are never going to see this person again, doesn’t mean that you should treat them like an object or like they don’t really matter. Show some kindness and respect, this person is letting you take off their panties. 

Second rule:  Don’t worry about compatibility

One of the beauties of hooking up and having one night stands is that it doesn’t really matter if your views don’t align, or if you don’t share the same goals or intentions. If you don’t like the friends they keep or the television shows they watch, it truly doesn’t matter. You are here purely for physical, keep that in check.

Third rule: Keep it honest and above board

Don’t lead this person on, and don’t be deceptive in your intentions. Be upfront and honest about the fact you are just looking for a casual encounter and nothing more. Don’t fake your motives just to get someone in bed. No fake phone numbers after either folks! If you don’t want to share your number after then don’t. Be clear about why you are there.

Fourth rule: Be a good host or guest

Look, even though you aren’t going to be marrying this person (or even dating for that matter) you don’t just kick them out at 6am without so much as a latte goodbye. Let them stay, and feed them the next day. Or if you are staying at their place, clean up after yourself, and don’t place unreasonable demands. Be good.

Final rule: No romance allowed

Remember that you don’t want to develop an emotional attachment to the person you are having an encounter with, so you cannot get romantic at any point. No flowers. No love declarations. You must keep it light and respect, and you will have success. We hope here on W4M Maps you find someone to have a casual encounter with soon so you can practice these 5 rules for success!