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We’re always looking for the things that make us attractive, and the ones that make the men in our lives unattractive. But, when was the last time you took a step back to reexamine yourself? Besides the good looks and the great sense of fashion, do you like the traits of the women staring you back on the mirror? Your mirror image is what perceptions others have about you, and also what you perceive about yourself.

So, whether you trust the woman in the mirror or not, but can’t help to wonder why your relationships are not working out as well as you’d expect, it’s time to relearn you. Perhaps the reason for the failing relationships (and flings) is because you have these unattractive features:

You do not see your potential but see the potential in others

Seeing your potential is not just about being successful professionally or in business, but also about having happy and successful relationships. If you only see the potential in your partner and your friends but fail to recognize the power and potential within you, you automatically become unattractive to everyone around you, including the great guy you just met.

So,while you recognize the greatness of others, you must believe in yourself too. Whether you’re at a fast/ slow or high/low point of your life, believe in yourself steadfastly and always. Knowing your potential and believing in yourself makes you super attractive.

Being judgmental

Passing judgment to people and situations around you doesn’t serve you or anyone else. You don’t know what others go through or why they are in the situations you find them in and so, you shouldn’t pass judgment. Also, be careful about what your mind considers an opinion of someone or something because what you consider an opinion could be a judgment.

Note, however, that calling out someone for their bad actions is different from judgment, as long as you are solution-focused in your thinking.

 Not seeing your beauty and only seeing the beauty in others.

Besides potential, it’s super easy for you to recognize the internal and external beauty of others, and not to recognize your own beauty,especially when other people, besides you, see your beauty.

So,if you want to have a beautiful and successful relationship, you should take time to learn and discover your beauty along with the things that make you YOU. Recognize that which makes you like other people and that which allows you to connect with those other people. Recognizing your beauty is as simple (and hard) as identifying that which makes you special and unique.

Comparing your journey with others

If you’re always looking at what your best friend and colleagues are doing better than you, your life will be sad, miserable and unattractive. You need to recognize the good things happening in your life and also admit that you will get to the top at some point too.