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Chances are that like most folks who come to W4M Maps, you are interested in trying no strings attached relationships of a more casual nature. Ah yes, sex without all the emotional commitments. For some its heaven on earth to have a FWB, but if you don’t follow some of the tried and tested rules we’re about to share with you, you might find yourself in a messy situation. So listen up, we’re going to give you the low down.   

Rule #1: No Falling in Love!

Don’t get me wrong, with your FWB you can have a happy ending but it’s not the kind you see in disney movies.  Nobody here is getting married and having kids, and there won’t be a white picket fence. Its natural that you’ll feel affection towards your friend and the bond between you is likely to feel a lot more intimate, but when you find yourself falling in love you need to splash some cold water on your face and regain some perspective, because the moment you fall in love the game is over!

Rule #2: Sexting No Texting

Do not engage in texting with your friend with benefits, unless you are sending a picture of your cock or asking where they want to meet to get it on.  All small talk is off limits. Why? Because you need to remember that you want to focus on the benefits, not developing an emotional relationship!

Rule #3: No Dates Allowed

This one requires that you are extra vigilant. Because without realizing it, that coffee the morning after or the quick meal before the quickie can smell of a date. And if go on a single date with someone you are having a purely sexual relationship with, then this is no longer a FWB.   It opens the doors to developing emotional attachments, which leads to those feelings and heart flutters.

Rule #4: The doors remain open

One of the big reasons FWBs can fail is because both sides don’t actually seek out a relationship or another person to develop a bond with, so their just investing continually in their friend with benefits since they’re already sleeping with this person and might forget to look for anyone else. Remember that having this kind of arrangement in your life is not a real “relationship” and should not be mistaken for one.

Rule #5: No Jealousy allowed

The best way to avoid jealousy is to not hide the fact that you are sleeping with someone else or that you’ve met your next significant other and you are going to Las Vegas to get married! And this applies to both sides, just be real about whats going on.

Rule #6: Don’t do this with an actual good friend

This type of arrangement really works best if its someone that you’ve met more recently and you haven’t really developed any kind of bond with.  As you can tell from this entire article the overall theme is that you need to keep the emotional attachment out of this for it to work out.

Rule #7: Use W4M Maps to meet your friend with benefits

Because at the end of the day, 95% of the users on here are looking for a casual encounter or ongoing FWB situation, so you’ve come to the right place.