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Forget the general misconceptions that make you believe that every lady you meet is looking to lock things down and commit to spending the rest of their life with you. Most of the time, ladies just want to have fun, and for good reason. Having being brought up in a largely patriarchal society where women are still fighting for recognition, it becomes easy to assume that women would want to get married to the first man that makes them go crazy. But, things are changing, and marriages are becoming less appealing. Today, the appeal lies in casual and friends with benefits style relationships. Ladies are now, more than ever focused on other goals like self-care, climbing up the corporate ladder, and many others just don’t to get married.

While we don’t wish to portray marriage as some sort of death trap, look around, aren’t the women around you focused more on casual relationships than ever before?

Well, below are some of the other reasons for this growing lifestyle trend.

Women don’t want to be tied down when they are not ready to get married. which is often what you will find on w4m maps.

Marriage is a long-term committed that not only forces you to change some of your habits, but also requires you to agree with someone brought up in a different environment from yours. It is learning to live with someone whose ideologies might differ from yours, and in other cases,you realize that the person you dated is not the same person you married. So, at the end of the day, marriage curtails your freedom.On the other hand, casual relationships give you so much freedom,including the freedom to walk out when you disagree on trivial things like you hanging out with your friends. in short, you don’t have to compromise much, or anything, when it comes to no strings attached encounters with members of the opposite sex.

Getting into a relationship knowing that nothing is expected out of the arrangement other than fun has got to be the most freeing thing you do, and for many this becomes a lifestyle choice. This, in most cases, will only happen in a relationship which has no strings attached..These give the freeing, happy feeling of your teenage years, and as long as you protect yourself, these relationships leave you happy.

Serious and long term dating can easily get complicated, stressful, and unhappy. If you need your sanity, less stress, and happiness, try finding someone here on w4m maps.

These types of encounters allow you to prioritize things that are important to you!

A career, family, social life, physical health, or travel. For most women, these things are more important than getting tied down and it almost always goes back to time and freedom. A serious relationship or married life is shared time and if you want to go back to school or build a career, you might have to put it off for some time or take longer to accomplish your goals than you would when single or just keeping things light hearted.

So,if any of the things listed above are very important to you, you might not want to get into a serious relationship yet. Don’t worry about finding the perfect partner right now, just have fun and explore your options is the best advice we believe.

These are just some of the reasons why an increasing number of women seeking men casual to serious relationships. So, which is your poison? Booty calls, one-night stands, sex buddies, or friends with benefits?