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The signs are always there, and it’s only when things get so bad that we recognize the traits that were red flags all along. Unfortunately, toxic people don’t show their bad side early, and the toxic traits are subtle at first. But, if you suspect that your drama-full relationship is because of some inherent toxic habits and patterns in your partner, it’s time to get out.

Beware the traits you should be aware of if you’re worried that you may be getting involved with someone who is toxic and not healthy to date or marry.

 Constant complaining and criticism

Whether you just dated or you’ve been at it for some time, one of the biggest red flags of a toxic partner is constant criticism, as well as an endless list of complaints. In as much as we can’t all be happy and content, you should be careful if your partner never sees anything good in an event, thing, person or place. It can’t be all that bad, but if that’s all they see, then you have to admit that yours is an emotionally exhausting journey, and spending the rest of your lives together might not be the best thing for you to sign up for.

Always playing the victim

Life is tough and unfair, but come on – how bad is the hand you were dealt to be the victim of everything happening in your life?

If you were dating or having a fling with an emotionally mature person,he or she would recognize and even acknowledge that fact that their thoughts, actions, and behaviors contribute to and even lead to the outcome they’re forced to live with. Being emotionally mature is about bearing responsibility for your actions and in-actions, rather than shifting blame. Unfortunately, a toxic person will always see the bad in things, and they never believe that some of the things happening to them are the result of their actions.

Endless chatter and gossip

There is no setting where gossip is a cool thing. In fact, gossip is the single-most and the most powerfully destructive forces in the universe and in human relationships. So, if your partner is ever so delightful sharing tales and gossip on the misfortunes of other people, you might want to plan your exit strategy.

The truth is that if the person you supposedly intend to spend the rest of your life with doesn’t use (and watch) their words to spread positivity and motivate or empower people around them, then you cannot trust them with important information, and also you wouldn’t want to spend your precious time with them.

The manipulative spirit

You know you’re dating a toxin manipulative person if he or she is very selfish, with zero qualms about manipulating you and everyone else into doing things that are only beneficial to them. A toxic person will look for every little thing they can find to scheme and deviously work for their own good, even at the cost of others.

If yours is an honest, open and emotionally mature relationship, you should never have to worry about your friend with benefits or casual encounter going the wrong way.