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It was the day after craigslist decided to finally shut the doors to their personal section, suddenly doublelist appeared and promised to mirrow what craigslist was offering. But wait a minute…how did they already have thousands of ads online the very first day they launched?

This has lead many to question the legitimacy of the ads on doublelist, and whether or not they are real to this day. Here at w4m maps, we could see that something better had to be done to fill the void that craigslist left. We came up with a way to browse maps of your area, and see where women are around you. If you like what you see, you can tap on them (on the map) and start an instant text conversation and exchange phone numbers. You can skip the emailing games. You also know where they are located and if you have a realistic chance of meeting up in the first place, which is why w4m maps is growing faster then doublelist and quickly becoming the worlds favorite choice when it comes to an open dating and personals that the people love and deserve.