14/04/24 - Sunday
Bodybuilders in nashville? 29

I'll admit: I'm a transplant. I know some guys will stop reading now. I'm sorry. We're not all bad. Anyway, I moved from South Florida and got into the habit of dating bodybuilders/muscle guys. I know guys down there are much more vain than other places but as I get back into the bars and clubs after being out of them for the lockdown, I'm curious if that type of dude is here in Nashville. I don't care about race, height or age (older guys can be really sexy) but I am looking for guys who know what drop sets are, can hit a back double biand (most important) don't skip leg day. I'm 29, brunette, work out (I have good squat form and am not afraid of a barbell), long curly hair, and pretty chill.Curious about who is out there.