14/04/24 - Sunday
Want to slowly try to have sex with a man 29

I've only had E2809Csex" with a guy one time when I was 19, we were both pretty drunk and nothing special about it. I've only dated women since thenbut I'm interested in trying a man. I'm 29 I'm notE2809Cbutch" or E2809Cfemme", I'd say I'm somewhere in the middle. I'd like an older person maybe 30-45. Message me and if you don't mind include a picture ( Ihave posted this before but then the pandemic happened and I never met up with anyone.) Very Important: I need someone that is willing to take things slow and be patient. Or you know I might really feel attracted to you and things might happen a lot quicker. PS I had a gf during thepandemic but we broke up, sooo my sex life has been pretty non existent for the moment lol